NIMA-GIZ Innovation Facilitation Cell

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises; Government of India & Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are implementing a bilateral cooperation project- ‘Innovation, Modernization & Qualification’ (MSME INNO)’. This project aims to improve the local innovation ecosystem through fostering cooperation between different stakeholders and strengthening the innovation management capacity and sustainability of MSMEs in India. The project seeks to strengthen the innovation system by systematically fostering cooperation between companies, research institutions, government, service providers and larger enterprises for introduction and dissemination of new technologies, products, processes and/or business model innovation.

MSME INNO is working with selected Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) to act as an ‘innovation-enabler’ so that they develop systemic collaborations and linkages with technical/research/academic institutes; large industries; supply chain partners; public institutions & other relevant stakeholders to offer different ‘innovation assistance services’ to their member MSMEs. The project will be supporting these BMOs so that they in turn will support their MSMEs to ideate (product/ process/ business model innovation), leverage public funds, network with knowledge and technology institutions etc.

Nashik is one of the locations where MSME INNO has been working. MSME INNO has collaborated with a NIMA, Academic Institutions like K.K Wagh College of Engineering, MET ‘s IOE and Sandip Foundation’s SIEM  and few other government agencies in the region to foster cooperation between industry, academia and government and thereby strengthen the innovation capacity and sustainability of MSMEs.

We established an Innovation Facilitation Center representing SMEs of Automotive and related sector. The Innovation Facilitation Cell is established and integrated within the functioning of the BMO and stated organizing innovation promotion programmes/events on a regular basis and for creating & nurturing linkages with critical stakeholders that influence innovation ecosystem for its member MSMEs in Nashik Cluster. The specific objectives of IFC will be:

  • Organising information and knowledge programmes for promoting innovation in SMEs
  • Introducing MSMEs to Innovation practices & helping them develop system of Innovation.
  • Supporting to create and nurture linkages with stakeholders (buyers, academia, government, banks etc) for promoting Innovation at cluster level
  • Supporting to develop and offer ‘innovation assistance services ‘for MSMEs

Major Activity of NIMA – GIZ Innovation Facilitation Cell for Year 2019 are:

  1. Organize regular training/workshop and factory visits on Intervention Area like
    1. Welding Technology : Towards Zero Defect
    2. Precision Machining
    3. Real Time Production and Supply Chain Monitoring: A step before Industry 4.0
    4. Robotics, 5S , Low cost Automation
  2. Student Innovation Projects

.At presents more than 100 students of 3 Institutes are working on 30 Industry Problems. This activity is started in Dec -18. In first phase 18 Industries participated in this activity. We as NIMA–GIZ IFC need active participation from NIMA members to generate a data bank of technical problems faced by MSMEs and we will organize students Innovation projects every year under Innovation cell.

We as Innovation Cell planned regular networking meets and events to seek the input from their members and accordingly will organize awareness and capacity building initiatives.

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