NIMA always work for betterment of Nashik industries, in terms of new development, investment, infrastructure and making industries competitive for world wide business.

In an increasingly competitive world, all companies need to improve their products and processes on a continuous basis to enhance their productivity, reduce costs, employee morale & safety and reduce the wastage. “KAIZEN”,It’s a Japanese termoften translated as ongoing, continuous improvement, is an established tool which has been used globally by companies for improving their processes and products. Kaizen is the strategy for making continuous improvements in all functions of an organization, be it manufacturing or service sector.

Quality improvement committee in co-ordination with NIMA Innovation facilitation Cellorganizing KAIZEN competition 2019

Goal of this Kaizen 2019 is a platform where companies can Showcase their best Kaizens and be recognized.

Launching event of competition – Seminar on Kaizen tool by renowned speaker

Mr. Vinod Manavi, 18th JUNE 2019, 4pm to 6pm NIMA hall, Satpur

Who should participate?

The competition is open for participation by companies from all sectors in the below categories…

1st Category Turnover Below 10 Cr

2nd Category Turnover between 10 Cr to 50 Cr

3rd category Turnover between 50 Cr to 300 Cr

4th Category Turnover above 300 Cr